Wednesday, August 15, 2007

African Americans For Ron Paul

My African american sistas and brothas need to know about the scum we have in government.The Zionist Jewish supremacists that run and own the government behind the scenes lie and steal from our people.Ron paul is the only honest hope of Freedom we have left.
Barack,Jackson,and Sharpton are jewish pawns filling their pockets with dough.They don't truly care about us.They are race traitors working for their jewish rulers.Louis Farakhan is right about the jews.Ron Paul cares about minorities and middle class/poor people.Most of the government has jews who sometimes have european names to hide them being jewish.

He wants to stops illegals from coming here and killing our people like they did in NJ with the black college students.Mexican gangs(illegal aliens) trying to run the country and kill our young black children.

Here are a few young intelligent black people who support Ron Paul constitution and freedom campaign.Martin Luther King Jr. believed in FREEDOM and would vote for Ron Paul who believe what MLK Jr. believed.All the other candidates are liars and want to take our freedoms away more and more every day.They want to control us and herd us like animals.This has to STOP!Media is BIAS and owned by the Zionist Jewish supremacist

Videos on You Tube of our brothas and sistas who choose Ron Paul:

Brothas speak about not being able to come home from war in Iraq(Ron Paul wants them home-stop war--watch whole video brothas in middle of video):

Martin Luther King Jr. would have voted for Ron Paul because he believed in FREEDOM and constitution like Ron Paul does(Martin Luther speaking in middle of this video):

Ron Paul says nothing is wrong with hemp:

African American President of Hip Hop for Ron Paul:

Brotha Is Voting/Supports (for) Ron Paul:

Some Brothas and Sistas calling into C-Span about Ron Paul(listen to their voices):

African American Roland Martin agrees.supports Ron Paul about his comments on the war:

African American soeaks good about Ron Paul:

Response to African American why Ron Paul is not in the public eye/media offline:

Ron Paul:The only choice(look in his eyes and you can tell he is telling the truth and not full of crap like almost all of the corrupt government,the last great hope-He DOES have a chance to win-we need him for our freedom)Ron Paul doesn't stutter when he talks,this proves he knows what he believes and always has,a liar would stutter and not know what to say.He has voted the same way he is talking for decades.An honest moral man to finally set this country straight before it is to the point of no return.African americans in our troops in this video along with Ron Paul speech.

Brothas and sistas at a Ron Paul support meeting in Atlanta:

African American speaks in favor of Ron Paul and knows media is Bias against him(doesn't invite him to major media news because they know he speaks truth and people will vote for him because he stands for the people and not himself or the money hungry crooks in the government):

Funny Poker Video. Rudy Guiliani Vs. Ron Paul:

Stop this CORRUPT government!Ron Paul 2008.
Ron Paul is a family man (he is a Dr. and has brought/delivered over 4,000 babies into this world).He really cares and he cannot be paid off by corrupt government(he rejects all money except the donations from the people of this country).Praise God! Someone who is not talking a bunch of bull shit to us and telling us the truth!

Remember if Ron Pauls name doesn't make it on the final ballot in 2008 you can fill in his name on the ballot and it will still count!Don't let the politicians lie to you about this.They are taking away our freedoms behind our back and making laws we don't even know about.Bush is passing laws to invade our privacy.If Ron Paul becomes president he will reverse and get rid of these laws of invasion of privacy.Ron Paul doesn't believe the federal government should be the ones to make marijuana illegal.

Our men and innocent people in Iraq are dying because of our lying government.Ron Paul wants to bring them home NOW and stop this war.If you want world peace,freedom and a president who will use the constitution in the right way instead of changing and corrupting it then vote Ron Paul.Ron Paul gives some of his salary from Congress back to the US treasury(he doesn't have to).His voting record has always been for the people since he has been in office,check it out.I am not lying.He cannot be bought like the other candidates because he cares about us!He doesn't have alot of money for his campaign because big business does not give it to him. He refuses crooked money! He will stop all the jobs going overseas and we will have job and be able to afford to live.

He wins my heart over all.I can see and feel the sincerity and honesty coming from him when he speaks.I hope you give him a chance and google Ron Paul and see the good he has to offer this country (freedom) that noone has spoken since Martin Luther King Jr.,Kennedy,and some of our founding fathers of the constitution.This comes straight from my heart and I am almost in tears because God may have mercy on us through this man on this country.

Love your sista,


BearGoodFruit said...

Speak from the HEART in 2008.What Ronald Reagan had to say about Ron Paul(video):

BearGoodFruit said...

Hillary Clinton,Barack Obama,and George Bush(and I am willing to bet the rest of the candidates take dirty money too)sold out to the highest bidder video and the people in this country suffer.Funny but true video:

Vote Ron Paul!

BearGoodFruit said...

Barack Obama is a closet muslim pretending to be a christian until the election is over just like lying scum Bush did to try and get votes.

Barack is not black(his mom is white) and not for us african americans.He is for the zionist jews who run this country from Israel just like the rest of the presidential candidates except Ron Paul who CARES for our rights and freedom.

We have no business like Dr. Ron Paul says,to be at war with anyone.We need to worry about defending our country with our troops here in case there is another attack on our soil.Only time we should be at war is on our own soil defending it.The other countries don't have the capabilities to reach US soil on a mass scale unless they come here.They don't have the capabilities to come here with their limited weapons and no military transportation vehicles.The government has lied to us too long.Lets make a fresh start back to freedom with Ron Paul.

Let other countries fight their own wars because we have enough problems here as it is and should not be worried about other countries problems.

What better way for muslim extremists/terrorists to attack the USA from the inside than to have a pretending christian (closet muslim) who may be their friend and may destroy america through radical muslim terrorism if he is president?


BearGoodFruit said...

Reggae "3 shoes Posse Jam" Video for Ron Paul.Jamaicans singing and supporting Ron Paul as president 2008.

Pass this site onto our brothas and sistas across the country and world.

Love your sista,

Ana Baptist said...

Why the hatred towards Israel? Israel is the only state in the history of mankind to have made a major effort to bring a large group of black people, (the Ethiopian Jews once called Falashas) to it in order to make them full citizens. There are no laws in Israel which even consider the subject of racial preference. The blacks in Muslim countries are slaves, not citizens.

Arabs are allowed to be citizens of Israel, but a Jew cannot set foot in Saudi Arabia. Israel is one Jewish country, while there are over 50 Muslim countries. And there is little freedom of religion in those countries. Just ask any organization that handles persecution of Christians how bad things are.

Ask a Muslim woman about honor killings and female genital mutilation in Muslim countries. Ask the Berber and Coptic people about the Arab occupation of North Africa. Ask about the riots over cartoons of Mohammed. Ask about the riots in France. Ask about the teddy bear named Mohammed. Jews/Israelis rarely behave in such a manner.