Saturday, August 18, 2007


Another You Tube Video Song.

Ron Paul can save us from the Hitler Government.

Military supports Ron Paul out of all candidates.

Military Supports Ron Paul more than any other candidate:


Weed:Ron Paul said that the government has no right to tell us we can't smoke it.

Ron Paul a long time ago speaks about the government not having any right to tell us what to smoke(drugs/blunts):

He believes if we want to smoke weed then that is our BUSINESS!!


Fox News is Racist against blacks.

Fox News is RACIST against african americans therefore they can not be trusted to give accurate news.MSNBC NEWS and CNN is no better.They say they are fair but frankly they are full of crap and run by big corporation who want to destroy all americans(black,white,etc.) and want to keep stealing from the middle class and poor sending our jobs overseas.

They even talk bad about Ron Paul when americans of all races LOVE him because he stands for FREEDOM for us all!This video is very hilarious it brought tears to my eyes from laughing so hard!No matter what they want us to BELIEVE(because it isn't what they wanted to hear)the poll numbers speak for themselves and america obviously loves the Dr. Ron Paul=FREEDOM from government control!FINALLY!

DR.Ron Paul is NOT a lying lawyer like the rest but a DOCTOR.Doctors CARE about us.He even gave free care to the poor and needy who has no way to pay for his services.We cannot trust the lying scum racist news media because they are all run and paid for by the New World Order people who want to make the rest of the world their slaves(doesn't matter what color you are,they want us to be their slaves).Ron Paul wants to tear down their evil lies and empire and give us FREEDOM.

Hillary Clinton is a RACIST and a LIAR:

Race Doesn't exist(well said by a white young man):

Lets all as the HUMAN race of all colors unite and bring FREEDOM back to this country.Ron Paul loves us all and we loves Him because the corrupt government now hates us and wants to destroy us and make us ALL their little slaves no matter what color you are.The ruling people behind the scenes who own almost all the media are telling us lies because they work for the evil slave masters who hate us and think we are all animals.They can't be trusted.

Ron Paul CAN be trusted.